VT33S 2G车载定位器


VT33S是集“GPS/BDS卫星定位技术、GPRS无线通讯技术”于一体的实时监控定位终端产品。 VT33S主要用于车辆租赁、货物追踪等众多领域,能够为使用者提供:实时监控、智能设防、断电报警、震动报警、盲区补传、超速报警、远程断油/电。


VT33S是集“GPS/BDS卫星定位技术、GPRS无线通讯技术”于一体的实时监控定位终端产品。 VT33S主要用于车辆租赁、货物追踪等众多领域,能够为使用者提供:实时监控、智能设防、断电报警、震动报警、盲区补传、超速报警、远程断油/电。(Vt33s is a real-time monitoring and positioning terminal product integrating GPS / BDS satellite positioning technology and GPRS wireless communication technology. Vt33s is mainly used in vehicle leasing, cargo tracking and many other fields. It can provide users with: real-time monitoring, intelligent fortification, power-off alarm, vibration alarm, blind area supplementary transmission, fast alarm, remote oil / power cut)

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