VT260 2G OBD


VT 260 OBD 车载诊断器功能是记录总里程、油耗等;记录工况数据:读故障码及清故障码;读取车辆状态信息;记录警情数据;驾驶行为分析;电子围栏;读取电动车及新能源车的电池数据;盲区数据存储及补传;睡眠唤醒工作;短信功能;断电报警;蓝牙功能;自诊断;数据上传;分时租车等。


VT 260 OBD 车载诊断器功能是记录总里程、油耗等;记录工况数据:读故障码及清故障码;读取车辆状态信息;记录警情数据;驾驶行为分析;电子围栏;读取电动车及新能源车的电池数据;盲区数据存储及补传;睡眠唤醒工作;短信功能;断电报警;蓝牙功能;自诊断;数据上传;分时租车等。(The function of VT 260 OBD on-board diagnostic device is to record the total mileage, fuel consumption, etc.; record the working condition data: read the fault code and clear the fault code; read the vehicle status information; record the alarm data; drive behavior analysis; electronic fence; read the battery data of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles; blind area data storage and supplementary transmission; sleep wake-up work; SMS function; power off alarm; Bluetooth function; self Diagnosis; data upload; time sharing car rental, etc.)

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